Lois Sharzer- Founder & President
Citywide Programs

The Sales Team

Jennie Delaney
Districts 25,26,27,28,29

Tony Falotico
Districts 15,17,18,19,21,22,23,32

Paulette Foster
Districts 13,14,16,20,30,31

Patrick Auguste
Districts 7-12

Rebecca Sharzer
Districts 1-12 & 24

The Office Team

Brooke Slayton

Lois Sharzer

Lois Sharzer is the founder and president of Sharzer Associates, Inc. She has had a long career as a dedicated educator and educational consultant to both publishers and administrators. For over four decades, she has helped develop materials and programs targeted to greater literacy and school achievement. Lois leads a team of eight professionals in providing solutions and materials customized for each educational need.

Telephone: (212) 222-5721
E-mail: lois@sharzer.com