Lois Sharzer- Founder & President
Citywide Programs

The Sales Team

Jennie Delaney
Districts 25,26,27,28,29

Tony Falotico
Districts 15,17,18,19,21,22,23,32

Paulette Foster
Districts 13,14,16,20,30,31

Patrick Auguste
Districts 7-12

Rebecca Sharzer
Districts 1-12 & 24

The Office Team

Brooke Slayton

Patrick Auguste

Patrick Auguste, a graduate of Northeastern University, has worked closely with Charlotte Danielson to help districts across the country develop and implement professional learning practices.  His work there helped him recognize the critical role building administrators play as instructional leaders.    

Also, as a Business Development Manager for one of the largest U.S. based Curriculum and Assessment organizations, Patrick worked closely with urban school educators to design and implement effective assessment and curriculum tools and strategies to maximize impact and accelerate student growth.    

Patrick has spent the past 19 years in educational publishing and is excited to join the Sharzer organization working closely with Rebecca Sharzer. Patrick welcomes the opportunity to meet you, learn more about your specific school needs and initiatives, and discuss how he can serve and partner with you and your colleagues. 

Telephone: (917) 924-0193
E-mail: patrick@sharzer.com